• 1st Step:

    Immediately interfere as soon as stain occurs. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove the stain and even it will not be possible to remove it in some cases.

  • 2nd Step:

    Main principle for removing stains must be to remove the dirt from the carpet as far as possible without needing any additional substance. Thus, the stain must be absorbed as far as possible before starting to application of any chemical substance.

  • 3rd Step:

    Do not rub the stain by pressing on it during cleaning. This will cause that the stain penetrates into the carpet more.

  • 4th Step:

    Since the carpet is a three-dimensional product, stain will become visible again when it dries although surface of the carpet seems as being cleaned because firstly dissolved stain will go towards bottom of dry pile and when it starts to be dried, it will become visible again because of the fact that it dried towards from the bottom to pile section. Thus, operation for removal of the stains must be repeated once or a few times.

  • 5th Step:

    If you use carpet shampoo while removing the stains, you must use only foam of the shampoo. Do not use shampoo liquid or water because these substances will function as contaminants.

  • 6.th Step:

    Clean the stain from its external environment up to the center while wiping it off. The fact that the stain is cleaned without being dispersed is very important so that operation for the removal of stains can be successful.

  • 7th Step:

    Do not use chemicals such as bleacher and marine acid to remove stains. These chemicals damage tissue of the carpet and will cause that the carpet decomposes and that the colors fade.

  • 8th Step:

    If you will use a chemical that is different from recommended materials to remove the stains, firstly try the chemical substance that you will use for removal of the stains in a place of the carpets that is not seen slightly and ensure that it does not harm color and tissue of the carpet.