It is very important to follow the following recommendations to protect beauty and durability of the carpet for a long time.

To which things should I pay attention while choosing a carpet?

It is important that you chose your carpet according to characteristic of the area in which you will use it. It is recommended to choose the carpets which can protect its pattern and color quality for a long time for areas you walk and use mostly. Decoration style of your house, light amount, preferred colors and humidity date are other factors to which you should pay attention while choosing a carpet.

How should be daily maintenance of the carpet?

Regular cleaning is important in the carpets for long-term usage. Vacuum your carpets at least two times a week with a strong vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you vacuum your carpet if you walk on it mostly.

Should carpet be washed?

Do not wash your carpets. Cleaning the carpets by wiping them off is the most correct thing you should do so that your carpet in long-lasting and hygienic. While you wipe your carpets up, only quality carpet shampoo should be used in accordance with the instructions and cleaned only with foam, the carpet must not be cleaned with carpet shampoo water in no circumstances. You should not leave your carpet humid after wiping it off and it should be dried in an environment which does not receive direct sunlight. Do not use substances such as bleacher and detergent while wiping your carpets off.

What it carpet pile?

It is pile height of your carpet. It may vary according to type of your carpet. Do not scratch surface of the carpets with sharp or pointed end objects because edges lying among the piles that stand even with stress will not be able to smooth on their own due to the fact that carpet piles are dense. And this will cause deformation in the carpet piles in the long term.

Furniture causes trace on my carpet, what should I do?

First of all, we recommend you not to put heavy goods on your carpets. Change place of the goods on your carpets at certain intervals. The goods standing in the same place for a long time will wear surface of the carpets out.

Hot tea was spilled on my carpet, what should I do?

We recommend you to pay attention to the fact that any material over 70°C is spilled on your carpet or that you do not contact your carpet with hot surface. (hot water, tea, iron and etc.) In such cases, liquid spilled on the carpet should be absorbed via absorbing fabric, paper towel or vacuum sweeper from the carpet and operation should be made in accordance with instructions on removal of stains according to type of the substance spilled on the carpet.

My carpet seems in different color from each angle, is this a problem?

Shade in the carpets is not a problem arising from the production. It is inevitable that there are differences among the places which have traffic (usage dense) difference on the surface of carpets. Especially, this situation will become clear in flat and open ground carpets. Place of your carpet should be changed at certain intervals to prevent this situation.

In case the carpet pile receives direct sun light for a long time, colors may change. You can prevent this situation by changing the place of carpet where it receives direct sun light or using curtains in the window when direct sun light is received.

How should I preserve the carpets that I do not use?

The carpet must not be folded while being carried or preserved. It must be carried or preserved in roll. The place where you preserve the carpet must not be damp and humid.

Hair of my carpet is falling out, what should I do?

A far amount of hair falling is inevitable in the carpets made of chopped fiber. This situation will be decreased at short notice in the carpets regularly swept with strong vacuum cleaner.